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LipidSpin is a quarterly magazine produced in-house with a readership of more than 3,000 clinicians, faculty, and trainees. The publication provides approximately 9 to 12 articles per issue, ranging from clinical features to practical articles and editorials.

This page houses LipidSpin Issues dating back to Fall 2012. All articles are indexed using the search feature above and viewable in any standards compliant web browser. Older issues are available only in PDF format by visiting the LipidSpin Archive

2013 Fall LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Southeast Lipid Association

Featuring: "An Update on Statin Safety with an Emphasis on Differences” and “Managing the Statin-Intolerant Patient: Low-Dose/Low-Frequency Treatment Regimens"

2013 Summer LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Southwest Lipid Association

Featuring: "Physical Findings for the Lipidologist, Translating Physical Studies of Lipoproteins into Clinical Lipidology" and "Not So Specific Findings of an Unusual Lipid Disorder"

2013 Spring LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Pacific Lipid Association

Featuring: "HDL-P vs. ApoA1 vs. HDL-C" in Context of the HDL-Hypothesis Controversy
The Role of Remnant Lipoproteins in Atherogenesis

2012 Winter LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Midwest Lipid Association

Featuring: Diabetes Optimal Care and Cardiovascular Risk Reduction (DOC-CARE); Pediatric FH Guidelines for the Adult Lipidologist

2012 Fall LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Northeast Lipid Association

Coping with Statin Adverse Events—Focus on Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics
Primary Hypertriglyceridemia—Treating Triglycerides When It’s Not the Usual Suspects