LipidSpin Archive

LipidSpin is a quarterly magazine produced in-house with a readership of more than 3,000 clinicians, faculty, and trainees. The publication provides approximately 9 to 12 articles per issue, ranging from clinical features to practical articles and editorials.

This page houses LipidSpin Issues dated Summer 2012 and earlier. These issues are available only in PDF format. More recent issues are available here.

2012 Summer LipidSpin - 10th Anniversary Commemorative Issue

Committed, as ever, to creating healthier lives through research and education, the NLA celebrates our first decade as we look to a future where specialized lipid management continues to improve outcomes through a cohesive, multidisciplinary approach.

2012 Spring LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Southeast Lipid Association

Clinical Pedometry—A Brief Overview and Instructions for Healthcare Providers
Using Text Messages to Improve Adherence

2012 Winter LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Southwest Lipid Association

Utilizing Clinical Lipid Specialists in the Patient-Centered Medical Home
Deceivingly Elevated HDL-C—Mounting Risk Factors Overpower Presumed Protection

2011 Fall LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Pacific Lipid Association

Cardiovascular Risk and Dyslipidemia in Mexican-Americans
Pharmacologic Treatment of Non-HDL-C and Goal Attainment

2011 Summer LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Midwest Lipid Association

Management of Dyslipidemias in Chronic Kidney Disease
Atherosclerosis Imaging Trials Targeting HDL-C

2011 Spring LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Northeast Lipid Association

Managing Patients with Statin Myopathy and Rhabdomyolysis
Legacy of Periodic Monitoring of Liver Function Tests in Patients on Chronic Statin Therapy

2011 Winter LipidSpin

This issue sponsored by the Southeast Lipid Association

The Role of Bariatric Surgery in Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction
Investigational Anti-obesity Agents to Treat Adiposopathy and “Sick Fat”

2010 Fall LipidSpin

A Review of USPSTF Recommendations for Use of Novel Markers in Risk Stratification
Risk Stratification of Dyslipidemia in the Pediatric Population

2010 Summer LipidSpin

EBM Tools for Practice: A Positive Approach for Cardioprotective Eating with the Mediterranean Diet
Clinical Use of Pedometers in Cardiometabolic Risk Reduction Programs

2010 Spring LipidSpin

EBM Tools for Practice
Choosing the Proper Dose of Statin and Establishing a Good Lipid Follow-up Schedule