Bylaws and Policies

Bylaws and Policies

Any appropriately credentialed health professional that is engaged in the treatment of patients with lipid disorders or involved in research or educational activities relating to lipid disorders is eligible to apply for membership; a member of an affiliated organization as recognized by the Board of Directors may apply for membership...

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Unified Chapter Bylaws

At the NLA Strategic Planning meeting on February 9-10, 2013, the leaders of the NLA and its Chapter Boards agreed to adopt a uniform set of Bylaws for all five of the NLA’s regional Chapters. Click the link to read the full chapter bylaws.

Chapter Bylaws

Code for Interactions with Companies

The NLA is taking the necessary steps to ensure that all relationships and interactions with Companies meet high ethical standards. Throughout all interactions, the NLA is committed to acting with integrity and transparency.

Code Interactions

Strategic Planning Operations

The NLA Executive Committee and distinguished guests met in Orlando, Florida on January 21-22, 2017 to discuss the current status of NLA core and non-core programming, trends, products, enhancements to current programming, and future concepts. The Executive Committee reaffirmed the mission and goals of the organization, and developed the attached strategic goals.

The 2017 strategic plan, which was adopted by the NLA Board of Directors on March 7, 2017, is attached for presentation to the membership.

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