Early Career Development Committee

Early Career Development Committee

The Early Career Development Committee promotes career development for future leaders in the field of Lipidology, including Associate Members. The committee will provide a mentoring program, organizational leadership opportunities, and future courses targeted to the younger audience.


The Early Career Development Committee shall be a standing committee of the NLA consisting of one (1) Chair, one (1) Vice-Chair, at least one (1) regional representative from each chapter of the NLA, and at large members of the NLA.


One (1) year appointed annually. 


  1. Facilitate the development of relationships between early career practitioners and established experts in the field of Lipidology through an established mentoring program.
  2. Each committee member will serve as a mentor to at least one (1) mentee, participate in early career development planned/sponsored activities and events, and attend committee meetings.
  3. Provide guidance in the development of activities designed to foster participation and development of early career practitioners, including Associate Members, in NLA activities, leadership opportunities, and special events.

Member Roster


Staff Liaison

Brandi Rawls, MBA

Volunteer/Nominate for the Early Career Development Committee

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Friday, January 1, 2016 - 01:30

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