Finance Committee

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides financial oversight for the NLA by assisting the Executive Director with financial planning, reporting and suggesting sound financial policy. The Committee is charged with assuring financial controls and reviewing the financial statements of the NLA.


The Finance Committee shall be a standing committee of the NLA consisting of the current NLA Treasurer, the Immediate Past NLA Treasurer, Chapter Treasurers, the Immediate Past Chapter Treasurers, and up to five (5) NLA Member Volunteers


One (1) year to coincide with term as treasurer. One (1) year with optional renewal for additional terms for at-large committee members. There shall be no term limit.


  1. Review banking, investments, operations, and administration of the NLA in accordance with the NLA Bylaws, adopted financial policies, and federal and local laws as they apply;
  2. Prepare an annual budget;
  3. Regularly report the financial health of the NLA as it relates to the budget and activities to the Board of Directors and the membership;
  4. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors which may affect the financial status of the NLA;
  5. Ensure all financial reports and filings are submitted to the Internal Revenue Service in a timely manner.

Staff Liaison:

Brian Hart, JD

Volunteer/Nominate for the Finance Committee

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016 - 01:45

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