Health Quality and Research (HQR) Committee

Health Quality and Research

The Health Quality and Research (HQR) Committee is focused on conducting high-grade research and studies to answer questions that improve the clinical practice of lipidology. Enhancing knowledge of scientific backgrounds allows us to achieve best outcomes for practical application in this area of expertise. In various projects, the committee researches the multifaceted challenges experts face in the field of lipidology to provide recommendations, increase education, and strive for excellence.

Committee Charge

  1. Develop a program for acquiring scientific knowledge and disseminating practical public recommendations through study and/or research.
  2. Review and make recommendations based on educational takeaways.
  3. Conduct practical analysis of studies for practice and public understanding/application
  4. Recommend tools for both practitioners and patients

Member Roster


Staff Liaison

Kathy Thompson

VOLUNTEER/NOMINATE FOR THE Health Quality and Research Committee

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Friday, January 1, 2016 - 02:00

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