Honors and Awards Committee

Honors and Awards Committee

The Honors and Awards Committee determines the criteria for the awards of the NLA (e.g., Fellow of the NLA, Distinguished Achievement Award, and Honorary Lifetime Membership Award). The Honors & Awards Committee meetings annually to determine the winners of each aforementioned award and appointment of new Fellows of the NLA.


The Honors and Awards Committee shall be a standing committee of the NLA consisting of one (1) chairperson from the NLA Board of Directors, one (1) representative from each regional Chapter Board of Directors, one (1) representative from the American Board of Clinical Lipidology Board of Directors, and one (1) representative from the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology. Each member must be an active Fellow of the NLA in good standing.


To coincide with each member's respective term on their respective Board of Directors.


  1. Develop criteria for each of the following award categories:
    • Fellow of the NLA.
    • Distinguished Achievement Award;
    • Honorary Lifetime Membership Award;
    • *Note: The Service Award, also known as the President's Award, is determined solely by the presiding President of the NLA.
  2. Review award nominees and/or applications and make recommendations to the NLA Board of Directors on an annual basis;
  3. Encourage Fellows of the NLA and all National and Regional Board members to submit nominations for new Fellows of the NLA;
  4. Represent the Honors and Awards Committee to the National and Regional Boards of Directors;
  5. Represent and seek to preserve the high standards promoted by the Fellow of the NLA designation.

Member Roster


Staff Liaison

Lacey Clayton, Membership Manager

Volunteer/Nominate for the Honors and Awards Committee

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