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Media Relations Committee

Media Relations Committee

The mission of the Media Relations Committee is to support the Communications Council in public awareness and relation campaigns related to the NLA’s mission and to utilize traditional and social media in a timely manner with original content to promote the advocacy, educational, and recruitment objectives of the National Lipid Association.


The Committee includes a Chair, optional Co-chair, and additional members from all chapters with an interest in media relations.


Appointed annually for a one (1) year term and confirmed by the committee chair.


  1. Provide guidance and recommendations on public awareness and relations campaigns
  2. Assist with finding media spokesperson for campaigns
  3. Provide quality oversight of the messaging process by reviewing and editing NLA statements
  4. Provide support and guidance in regards to the NLA social media channels
  5. Promote the NLA as the scientific authority in the lipid sciences and preventive cardiovascular disease
  6. Improve healthcare professional understanding of lipid disorders and therapies
  7. Assist NLA recruitment objectives

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Staff Liaison

Eric Scott

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Friday, January 1, 2016 - 01:15

by Dr. Radut.