Membership Services Council

Membership Services Council

The Membership Services Council is focused on enhancing the membership recruitment and retention efforts of the NLA and developing the overall membership value proposition of the association. It serves as an advisory council to the NLA Board of Directors on all matters pertaining to membership. The following committees will report to the Membership Services Council:


Membership Recruitment and Retention

The Membership Recruitment and Retention Committee will focus on NLA's membership value proposition and member retention programs. The committee will query/survey members, lapsed members, and non-members for feedback on how to improve membership recruitment and retention. The committee will consider future economic, practice, and societal trends that will influence the various categories of NLA membership.

Early Career Development Committee

The Early Career Development Committee promotes career development for future leaders in the field of Lipidology, including Associate Members. The committee will provide a mentoring program, organizational leadership opportunities, and future courses targeted to the younger audience.

Membership Services Committee

The Membership Services Committee focuses on expanding the membership benefits and service offerings the NLA offers its members.
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