Project Review Committee

The Project Review Committee

The Project Review Committee will develop and review specific educational activities (CME/CE-certified and non-CME) under the direct auspices of the NLA Board of Directors and Executive Committee. Activities are designed to improve the knowledge, competence and skills of health professionals involved in the delivery of clinical lipid care as well as to provide educational outreach to non-members on topics of greatest need. The Project Review Committee will seek to facilitate a well-rounded educational program and professional development track by providing activities in a variety of formats, including but not limited to live meetings and courses, online, print, self-assessment programs, case presentations and performance improvement activities.


The Project Review Committee shall include either a Chair, Chair and Co-Chair, or a maximum of two (2) Co-chairs, and at least one (1) regional representative from each regional chapter of the NLA.  Members should also represent each discipline of NLA including physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and dietitians. The committee shall not have more than eleven (11) members, including a maximum of two (2) Chairs/Co-Chairs, at any time. The committee requires an agreement among more than 50% of committee members to constitute a project approval. 


Appointed annually for a one (1) year term and confirmed by the committee chair/co-chairs. The committee does not observe term limits. New members can be appointed by the president or co-chairs at any time.


  1. Review and vote for acceptance or denial of activity proposals. Activities to be reviewed by the committee include accredited symposia/stand-alone live activities, masters classes, CLM-SAPs, and third-party opportunities.  
  2. Identify topics for the annual education needs assessment and gap analysis for the NLA. An annual education needs assessment and gap analysis is developed by the Committee each year to guide the development of the following year's educational curriculum and activity catalog;
  3. Oversee the status and impact of all ongoing CME/CE activities and the activity/course chair(s) will report activity status to the Committee on a regular basis;
  4. Annually review the evaluation summaries and outcomes achieved by participants in its CME/CE activities to ensure that NLA programming meets the current needs of its members; 
  5. In conjunction with the Executive Director, Committee Staff Liaison and appropriate NLA staff, the Committee will assist with drafting specific proposals for new activities to include the needs assessment for the activity, the educational objectives, the scope and duration of the activity, a budget and will help to identify potential funding sources. 

Member Roster

Staff Liaison

Amina Resheidat

Volunteer/Nominate for the Project Review Committee

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