Publications Committee

Publications Committee

The Publications Committee oversees all major publications of the NLA — including the Journal of Clinical Lipidology and LipidSpin — by suggesting, developing and reviewing all content for message consistency with the mission and goals of the NLA.


The Publications Committee includes two Chairs and additional members from all chapters with an interest in NLA Publications.


One (1) year.

Mission Statement:

To engage and educate all healthcare providers with an interest in lipidology through meaningful, peer-reviewed publications and scientific materials. To oversee the development and production of association publications, including the LipidSpin, and other select other newsletters or documents put forth by the association. To collaborate with evaluation of the Journal of Clinical Lipidology and associated guidelines.The Publications Committee seeks to advance the profession of clinical lipidology by educating its membership and setting the standard for lipidology research.


  1. To provide direction and feedback to editors and staff concerning format, schedule, market and distribution, etc. concerning the National Lipid Association’s publications;
  2. Help create and drive accurate and comprehensive highlights of scientific and educational materials presented at annual and regional meetings of the NLA for distribution to NLA Membership — either through email blasts or publications (printed and/or electronic);
  3. Consider and appropriately review for scientific content and clarity LipidSpin or online articles as they are developed by individual members of the NLA;
  4. Provide feedback for annual publication plans and communications strategies that effectively convey timely news and science to the NLA membership;
  5. The Committee is responsible for reviewing existing publications and communication efforts, evaluation of proposals for major modifications in a publication, and for establishment of a new publications.

Member Roster


Staff Liaison

Heather Clark

Volunteer/Nominate for the Communications Committee

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