Therapeutics Committee


Therapeutics Committee

The Therapeutics Committee provides information to NLA members regarding all therapies available to treat lipid disorders.



This committee will facilitate a discussion of lipid disorder therapies and the barriers to using certain therapies. The committee will engage in a dialog with practitioners on the latest therapies to raise the standard of clinical lipidology and in turn provide the best care for patients with lipid disorders. The committee will author articles on the newest therapies and provide guidance to identify the right patients for particular types of therapies. The committee will be a forum for dialog in attempting to provide awareness of all the therapies available and ways to eliminate the barriers of use.


Each committee member shall be on the committee for 1 year terms. There are no limits on how many terms a member may serve.


  1. Facilitate discussion on the newest lipid disorder therapies.
  2. Provide guidance on when certain therapies should be used and the barriers preventing use of the therapy.
  3. Actively pursue making all lipid disorder treating therapies available to all clinicians.

Committee Makeup

The committee will be made up of members from the Science and Policy Council and members of the Practice Management Council as well as other volunteer NLA members.

Member Roster:

Selected and convened annually. 

  • Dean Bramlet, MD, FNLA (SELA), Chair
  • Kathy Byrne, CRNP (SELA)
  • Mary-Katherine Cheeley, PharmD, BCPS, CLS, FNLA (SELA) 
  • Jerome Cohen, MD, FNLA (MWLA)
  • Terry Jacobson, MD, FNLA (SELA)
  • Peter Jones, MD, FNLA (SWLA)
  • Michael Kelly, PharmD (PLA)
  • Joseph Lillo, DO, FNLA (SWLA)
  • David Neff, DO, FNLA (SWLA)
  • Jon Osborne, MD, PhD (SWLA)

Volunteer/Nominate for the Therapeutic Committee

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