Website Committee

Website Committee

The Website Committee is responsible for the periodic review of the NLA website. Members of the committee accept the responsibility of frequent review and participation in discussion, user-contributed resources and comment sections implemented on the NLA website.


The Website Committee includes a Chair and/or Co-chair, who are selected by or may be the Chair of the Communications Committee and up to seven (7) additional members with one from each regional Chapter and 2 additional members representing the Board or general NLA membership.

Members of the Website Committee should include a cross-section of those with expertise in education issues, practice management, advocacy, membership and other committees that are pertinent to web content and user application in web based or mobile environments.


One (1) year.


  1. The editorial content, appropriateness and prioritization of material provided by the NLA website at;
  2. Provide feedback and suggestions for website/social networking presences improvements;
  3. Participate in planning meetings that determine the feasibility, approach and timeline for the implementation of any new features;
  4. Review external requests for partnering on content syndication/delivery with third parties for appropriateness in terms of consistency with the mission of the NLA and the level of quality expectation created by the NLA website.

Member Roster


Staff Liaison

Clark Morgan

Volunteer/Nominate for the Online Media Committee

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Friday, January 1, 2016 - 01:45

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