Working Groups and Interest Groups

Working Groups and Interest Groups

Nutrition Workgroup

The Nutrition Workgroup are made up of a variety of members of the association who regularly discuss issues in more

Pediatric Workgroup

The Pediatric Workgroup or PEDAL continues to work on issues regarding management of dyslipidemias in our pediatric more

Women In Lipidology Workgroup

The WiL section is a place for you to connect with professional women of all backgrounds and to discuss issues that are important to more

Women's Health Workgroup

Our Women’s Health Workgroup joins forces to raise awareness for the special needs of women in the field of lipidology, by creating knowledge, enhancing education and recommending special treatments to achieve improvements for women’s more

Genetics Workgroup

Nathan Stitziel, MD, PhD and Amy Sturm, MS, LGC, co-chairs, can be contacted if you would like to be part of this group.

Cardiometabolic Workgroup

Christie Ballantyne, MD, FNLA and Paul Rosenblit, MD FNLA, co-chairs, can be contacted if you would like to be part of this group.

South Asian Workgroup

The purpose of the group is to focus on issues facing South Asian patients, determine ways in which this population can fit into NLA educational activities, develop relevant tools, and support the providers in our community in treating these patients.
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