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Shop the NLA Store and Support the Foundation

Support the Foundation of the NLA by shopping the new NLA Store! All proceeds will be donated to the Foundation in an effort to support their educational mission. The store offers shirts, polos, hats, and much more branded with the NLA logo. Click... read more

World-Renowned Speakers Featured at the National Lipid Association Scientific Sessions in May

Speakers from around the world will be presenting their latest research and science at the upcoming National Lipid Association (NLA) Scientific Sessions in New Orleans May 19–22, 2016. All the current “hot topics” in lipidology will be... read more

2016 Board Nominations Presented

The Nominating Committees for the NLA and its Chapters have completed their work for 2016 and have submitted a recommendation for officers and directors at large for the terms available. The links below will open the report for each respective board. 

The slate will be presented for... read more

From ACC: A Consensus Approach to the Use of Non-Statin Therapy for Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Prevention

By Carl E. Orringer, MD, FACC; Pamela Bowe Morris, MD, FACC; Donald M. Lloyd-Jones, MD, FACC

Guideline-directed patient care recommendations are based upon studies that make observations on groups of subjects who have specific characteristics and exhibit variable degrees of benefit or... read more

ACC.16 American College of Cardiology Scientific Sessions Highlights

To read about highligts from ACC, click on the link below. The highlights will cover the 2016 ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway on the Role of Non-Statin Therapies for LDL-C Lowering in the Management of ASCVD Risk, the HOPE 3 trial, the GAUSS-3 trial, and the ACCELERATE trial.... read more

NLA Endorses ACC Guidance for Non-Statin Therapies

The National Lipid Association (NLA) endorses the 2016 ACC Expert Consensus Decision Pathway on the Role of Non-Statin Therapies for LDL-Cholesterol Lowering in the Management of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease Risk, published by the American College of Cardiology on April 1 in... read more

2016 Spring CLU Meeting Coverage

The National Lipid Association has featured highlights from selected presentations at the 2016 Spring Clinical Lipid Update in San Diego. Read our meeting coverage here... read more

From Monthly Prescribing Reference: Updates to NLA's 2016 Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology: An Interview with Harold Bays, MD

NLA Members in the News

By Batya Swift Yasgur, MA, LMSW

In February of 2016, the National Lipid Association (NLA) released its Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology, which is an update to Parts 1 and 2 of the NLA's “Recommendations for Patient-Centered Management of... read more

From Healio Cardiology Today: Lifestyle therapies to decrease atherogenic cholesterol and promote CV health: A summary of recent recommendations

NLA Members in the News

By Carol Kirkpatrick, PhD, RDN, LDN, CLS, FNLA; Geeta Sikand, MA, RDN, FAND, CLS, CDE, FNLA; Ralph LaForge, MSc, CLS, FNLA

In September, the National Lipid Association released its new Recommendations for Patient-Centered for Dyslipidemia Management... read more

National Lipid Association Releases Its Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology 2016

The National Lipid Association's (NLA) Annual Summary of Clinical Lipidology 2016... read more


by Dr. Radut.