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NLA Honors

The following honors are open for nominations from January 1, 2019 through March 29, 2019. Please click the links below to review the eligibility criteria and nomination requirements.

Foundation of the NLA Clinician/Educator Award

Recognizes a NLA member who demonstrates continued excellence in clinical care of patients with lipid disorders and/or excellence in education in the field of clinical lipidology.

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Other Awards

Junior Faculty Research Award

The purpose of the NLA Junior Faculty Research is to encourage scholarly advancement of Junior Faculty in the pursuit of a career related to hyperlipidemia and other lipid disorders in humans. The NLA will fund eligible institutions to provide $70,000 per year in salary support for those actively involved in clinical and/or basic science that provides promise of developing new information in fields of study that could advance the diagnosis and management of lipid disorders such as biochemistry, physiology, or genetics as well as interventions that improve therapy. The institutions eligible shall be nonprofit and offer an environment that would logically support a young faculty member with appropriate equipment, space and experienced faculty for proposed studies. The proposal will identify a specific candidate with training and strong signs of early success in an appropriate area of research and with a plan for developing appropriate experiments or clinical studies. Awards for the 2018-19 cycle will be available to the successful applicants on July 1, 2018.

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