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The NLA hosts Clinical Lipid Updates and Scientific Sessions each year to provide comprehensive programs addressing the latest science and research in the field of Clinical Lipidology.


NLA Clinical Lipid Update – Spring 2016

The NLA Clinical Lipid Update – Spring 2016, being held March 18-20, 2016 San Diego, CA.

NLA Scientific Sessions 2016

The NLA Scientific Sessions 2016, being held May 19-22, 2016 New Orleans, LA.

Masters in Lipidology

This intensive two-day training course offers an in-depth review of the core curriculum in Clinical Lipidology for health care professionals who desire to practice at an advanced level within the field.

Lipid Academy

This course provides a comprehensive, in-depth indoctrination to lipid science and is open to all medical professionals interested in developing a core competency in the diagnosis and treatment of dyslipidemia.

View Upcoming Events

View a list of events held by a variety of medical societies and professional organizations, delivering education to healthcare professionals.

Other NLA Events

The NLA collaborates each year with select medical societies and professional organizations to deliver outreach symposia and self-assessment modules to physicians and allied health professionals with a desire to learn more about Clinical Lipidology.

NLA Meeting Highlights

From Vegas to New York, the NLA Highlights Programs are comprehensive reviews of the most popular presentations from our previous meetings. Below you will find a list a meeting highlights from past events. Please feel free to review the presentations.


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