The NLA's Professional Development Pathway offers an array of educational activities tailored to health care professionals at all stages of their careers. The activities are developed using the NLA's Core Curriculum (revised January 2018) and are available in a variety of program formats for your convenience. Our educational offerings include live conferences and courses, print materials and online activities. These activities have been designed to prepare professionals for the certification requirements established by the American Board of Clinical Lipidology (ABCL) and the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology (ACCL).

The NLA hosts Clinical Lipid Updates and Scientific Sessions each year to provide comprehensive programs addressing the latest science and research in the field of Clinical Lipidology.
The NLA offers print education materials including the NLA Self-Assessment Program and Complex Lipid Management Self-Assessment Programs.
The NLA offers many opportunities for fellows-in-training who are actively enrolled in a graduate or postgraduate training program for the treatment or investigation of lipid disorders and in pursuit of full credentialing in their specialized area of medical study.
The NLA offers activities developed in collaboration with educational partners.

Certification programs are available to credentialed professionals to validate their competency in clinical lipidology. More information on upcoming testing windows, deadlines, credentialing criteria and application process is available from the American Board of Clinical Lipidology (ABCL) and the Accreditation Council in Clinical Lipidology (ACCL).

The NLA offers course resource materials for past participants of the various professional development courses. This page is restricted to registered participants only.
Are you interested in becoming a faculty member of the NLA? Check back soon for details on faculty requirements and guidelines.

This resource center aims to support lipidologists and other health care professionals through its expert provision of peer-reviewed, evidence-based educational content from the Journal of Clinical Lipidology and the National Lipid Association.

The NLA education committees are a way for members to get involved in program development.
The NLA offers online courses and activities including Lipid Academy Online, Lipid Insights Virtual Journal Club, Virtual Patient Center, and NLA Meeting Highlights.
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