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Online Activities

Online Activities

The NLA offers online education and activities including Lipid Academy Online, Lipid Insights Virtual Journal Club, Virtual Patient Center, and NLA Meeting Highlights.

Lipid Academy Online

Lipid Academy Online is a user-friendly, tech-savvy adaptation of the NLA’s live training course. This series of 7 interactive modules provides a comprehensive introduction to lipid science and essential information for the systematic management of dyslipidemia and the metabolic syndrome.


The NLA-SAP series is a comprehensive, interactive clinical problem-solving program that validates, strengthens and reinforces your knowledge of the core curriculum of clinical lipidology. The program provides a critical assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to guide you in the selection of additional CME training courses.


CLM-SAPs provide problem-solving case-based questions that involve common pharmacological issues faced by lipid specialists.

Lipid Insights

The Lipid Insights Virtual Journal Club, a 60-minute CME Webcast with a live Q&A session, is designed to offer members and others an interactive way to discuss important clinical trial updates.

NLA Meeting Highlights

NLA Highlights Prgrams are comprehensive reviews of the most popular presentations from our previous meetings.

Virtual Patient Center

The NLA is pleased to announce two new Virtual Patient Management Series (vClinic™) program vClinics: Rosa Visit 1 and Rosa Visits 2-3.

HDL Activity Center

The Translation of HDL Science Curriculum Slide Library consists of 6 (six) interactive slide lecture note modules and 4 interactive case studies that convey the latest evidence and research on HDL and residual risk epidemiology.


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