Lipid Management Beyond Statins: Biologic Basis, New Clinical Evidence and Strategies

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Content Domain
This activity falls under the following content domain(s):

  • 7.3.10 Combination Therapy- Rationale, Safety, and Efficacy

Learning Objectives
This activity teaches to the following learning objective(s):

  1. Discuss the current clinical trial evidence of therapies that have been used as add-on therapy to statins to reduce CV events
  2. For Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners Only: Provide appropriate care and counsel for patients and their families
  3. Incorporate risk assessment, guideline recommendations, and patient-centered approaches for add-on therapeutic decision-making for patients at high risk for CV events
  4. Relate the key biologic pathways responsible for atherosclerotic disease and the mechanisms of therapies that may inhibit its development