vClinic: Rosa Visits 2-3

The NLA is pleased to announce the new Virtual Patient Management Series (vClinicTM) program vClinic: Rosa - Visits 2 & 3. This new vClinic will address key knowledge and competency gaps for optimizing adherence to lipid-modifying therapies, in order to reduce the risk of morbidity and mortality from cardiovascular disease and related cardiometabolic conditions. The goal of this adherence vClinic is to provide learners with a practical framework to 1) improve patient adherence to lipid lowering therapies, including the diagnosis and treatment of statin intolerant patients; and 2) to overcome barriers to due statin intolerance, perceived risk for side effects, and/or treating existing side effects.


The NLA vClinic is an ideal environment to explore strategies to improve patient adherence to lipid therapy because the format replicates real-world patient encounters, enabling learners to assess and manage virtual patients, interact with peers and subject matter experts, and manage virtual patients across multiple visits and care settings.

Accreditation Information

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Content Domain
This activity falls under the following content domain(s):

  • 7.3.13 Medication Adherence
  • 7.3.14 Management of Statin Intolerance

Learning Objectives
This activity teaches to the following learning objective(s):

  1. Demonstrate improvement in getting patients to lipid goals aligned with performance indicators
  2. For Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners Only: Provide appropriate care and counsel for patients and their families
  3. Identify contributing factors and implications of nonadherence to lipid-lowering therapies in light of recent findings, and with a focus on recognizing cultural disparities
  4. Identify the frequency and secondary causes of statin intolerance and treatment options for statin-intolerant patients
  5. Implement strategies for the entire patient care team to improve patient adherence to lipid-modifying therapies

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