Online Activities


The Lipid Panel

The Lipid Panel is a monthly series hosted live on the last Tuesday of each month at 8PM Eastern Time. The webcast series features unique case discussions on a variety of topics in the field of lipidology, presented and discussed by a panel of expert faculty.

Connecting the Dots: Inflammation's Impact on ASCVD and CKD

The Connecting the Dots: Inflammation's Impact on ASCVD and CKD is a free 90-minute virtual symposium recording where attendees will learn about the complex relationship of Atherosclerotic Cardiovascular Disease (ASCVD), systemic inflammation, and chronic kidney disease (CKD).

Unveiling Lipoprotein(a): Hidden Culprit in Cardiovascular Disease

The National Lipid Association (NLA) hosted a Continuing Medical Education/Continuing Education (CME/CE) Symposium on September 8, 2023, as part of our Fall Clinical Lipid Update. This symposium, titled "Unveiling Lipoprotein(a): Hidden Culprit in Cardiovascular Disease," was designed to address critical topics related to Lipoprotein(a) (Lp(a)), including the importance of standard measurements for Lp(a), exploring different management techniques in patients with elevated Lp(a), and understanding the impact of population differences on Lp(a) levels.


We are excited to have offered a virtual educational series featuring multiple episodes in combination with NLA leadership and our industry partners. This virtual series celebrating National Cholesterol Education Month is now available and offered at no charge for all. Experts in the field of Lipidology cover content on specific topic in the field, some presentations also contain a presentation by one of our industry partner with relevant clinical trial(s) information in that area.

National Lipid Association
Journal Club

The NLA Journal Club is a series of free webinars designed to keep lipidologists up-to-date on the newest topics and techniques in Clinical Lipidology. Each webinar will include a short presentation and focused discussion from one of our senior members on the chosen journal/publication.

Online Lipid Education Activities

Lipid Education Online is a user-friendly, tech-savvy adaptation of the NLA's live training courses. The National Lipid Association's outstanding live courses are reproduced here in a self-paced, mobile-friendly and interactive online learning experience, especially designed to give you all the tools you need to pursue lipidology as a full-fledged lipid specialist or to enhance your existing practice of medicine.

NLA Self Assessment Program

The NLA-SAP series is a comprehensive, interactive clinical problem-solving program that validates, strengthens and reinforces your knowledge of the core curriculum of clinical lipidology. The program provides a critical assessment of your strengths and weaknesses to guide you in the selection of additional CME training courses.

Past Meeting Highlights

The NLA takes pride in our speakers, so much so that we've built up a library of clinical lipidology talks, presentations, and case studies from past years. A great benefit of being an NLA member is that you have the ability to watch talks and presentations from our past conferences online.

Lipid Insights

Tune in quarterly and hear from Dr. Alan Brown as he talks with expert speakers to gain insights on some of the leading topics in the field of lipidology.

Partnered Activities

The NLA partners with various medical education providers for special online program, satellite programs at meetings and more. The activities, sometimes accredited, are found here.

Clinical Update on Hyperlipidemia Management: Advanced Risk Assessment, New Guidelines, and New Treatments to Improve CVD Outcomes

This internet enduring activity is a replay of the symposium held in conjunction with the 2023 NLA Scientific Sessions. Expert faculty will provide a practical analysis and discussion of the growing body of research involving still-novel therapies, such as PCSK9 and siRNA, to lower LDL-C and control atherosclerosis progression. Faculty will discuss recent clinical trial data for these and other newer therapeutics, as well as highlighting management approaches that are currently available and emerging.

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