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Exercise Magnifies 'Statin' Myalgia
Collected Cases
Exercise Causes & Magnifies Many of The CK Elevations
Exercise ALONE Can Produce Remarkable CK Increases
CK Levels in Runners from 1979 Bost Marathon
Elevation Profile
FAMuSS Study
10 Men
Plasma Creatine Kinase Chart
Exercise - Induced CK Elevations With Statins
CK Elevations After Downhill Walking
Exercise - Induced CK Elevations
CK Elevations After Eccentric Biceps Curls
Atorvastatin 10 mg vs 80 mg
Medical Reports on Boston Marathon
Study Design
Study Population
Some Patients Report Weakness
Weakness is Not an Uncommon Complaint
A Systematic Review
Don't Ask... Don't Tell
Effects of Statins on Skeletal Muscle Strength
Tasmanian Older Adults Cohort Study
The STOMP Study
STOMP Recruitment Sites
Experimental Design
The Effect of Statins on Skeletal Muscle Function
Study Definition of Statin-Related Myopathy
STOMP Myalgia Results
No Differences in Results
Average CK Higher
Spontaneous Physical Activity Decreased
Statins and Physical Activity in Older Men
Statins Appear to Block the Aerobic Training Reponse
Simvastatin Impairs Exercise Training Adaptions
Long Term Muscle Effects of Statins Are Unknown
Possible Mechanisms of Statin Induced Muscle Injury
Study from January 2013
Failure to Appropriately Repair Damaged Muscle
Hoffman Diagram
Atrogin 1 Background #1
Experimental Design
Gene Expression
Few Changes With Statin Treatment & No Exercise
Differential Gene Expression
qRT-PCR Results - Atrogin-1
Muscle-specific Ubiquitin ligase atrogin-1
Do Statins Cause Diabetes?
Jupiter is not the First or Last
Why Diabetes?
Summary of Take Home Messages
Can Statins Cause Tendonopathy?
Tendonopathy Table
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