Panel Members
Conflict of Interest
Systematic Review Process
Synopsis of Recommendations
Synopsis of Recommendations cont.
Emphasis on healthy lifestyle
Statin Benefit Groups
Patient Discussion Before Statin Rx
Monitoring and Follow-up
Areas of Controversy
Intensity of Statin Therapy
Primary Prevention Statin Therapy
Pooled Cohort Equations
Primary Prevention Statin Therapy
ASCVD Risk Estimator
More Adults Eligible for Statin Treatment
Why Not Continue to Treat to Target?
Focus on Intensity of Statin Therapy
Nonstatin Therapy Considerations
Evidence Based To Inform Risk Decisions
Individuals Not in a Statin Benefit Group
The Risk Decision in Young Adults
The Risk Decision in Older Adults
Lipids Required for Followup
Four Principles
Future Updates for Blood Cholesterol Guideline
Complex Lipid Disorders
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