NLA Expert Panel Members
Framework of NLA Recommendations
Framework of NLA Recommendations
Evidence Base
Guiding Principles/Conclusions
Guiding Principles/Conclusions
Screening in Adults
Classifications of Cholesterol/Triglyceride Levels
Position on Lipid Goals
Identifying Very-High Risk Patients
End-Organ Involvement
Major Risk Factors for ASCVD
HDL-C A Risk Marker
Identifying High-Risk Patients
Identifying Moderate-Risk Patients
Identifying Low-Risk Patients
Criteria to Consider Upward Risk Reclass
The Metabolic Syndrome
Lifestyle Therapy
Drug Therapy: Key Considerations
Intensity of Statin Therapy
Drug Therapy: Other Key Points
Severe Hypercholesterolemia Phenotype
Progressive Atherosclerosis
NLA Treatment Recommendations
Additional Information
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