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Lifetime Membership

Ensure a Legacy for Lipidology


Lifetime Membership in the National Lipid Association reflects your commitment to the future of the NLA and our specialty. Life Members are  dedicated to the goal of establishing fellowship and training programs in clinical lipidology--a vital step toward ABIM recognition of lipidology as a subspecialty.

Those opting into the program enjoy the permanent status of Life Member as well as substantial savings on membership fees. From your enrollment fee, $1000 will be donated to the Foundation of the NLA as a tax-deductible contribution. Funds collected through the Lifetime Membership program will allow the Foundation to establish a dedicated fund for the first fellowship program in lipidology.

Lifetime Membership is availablefor the first time in 2013 and may not be offered again. The current opt-in period will run from January 1 to December 31, 2013.

Check your eligibility and enroll via the dues form.*

(*You must be logged in or know your member number to view your dues invoice and enrollment option.)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Am I eligible for Lifetime Membership?
Individuals who have been in any category of membership (i.e. Active, Associate, Industry, or International) for five or more years are eligible for NLA Lifetime Membership. To confirm your eligibility, you should contact the NLA membership coordinator at membership@lipid.org, or call the NLA office during business hours, 9am-5pm EST.

I already paid my 2013 dues, but I would like to apply for Lifetime Membership. What do I do?
If you have pre-paid dues, we will discount the total amount of your lifetime membership fee by an equivalent amount. This applies only to real-tender payments (i.e. cash, check, credit) and excludes Lipid Bucks or other complimentary dues entries.

I'm not ready to enroll in Lifetime Membership. Can I enroll next year?
Open enrollment for Lifetime Membership will be offered periodically, but not during consecutive years. If you need to pay in installments, you are able to elect a payment plan on the dues/enrollment form.

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