Welcome to the NLA! Here's What You Need to Know!

Welcome to the NLA

Here's What You Need to Know!


The NLA is a non-profit medical association whose mission is to enhance lipid management in clinical medicine. We are the multidisciplinary professional home for practitioners interested in the continuously developing field of Clinical Lipidology. The NLA proudly provides avenues for lipid focused education, practice enhancement and networking opportunities, and the development of personal relationships of the highest quality not available through other organizations.




Network with colleagues, meet experts in clinical lipidology, and learn about the latest developments in the field at one of the NLA’s three meetings a year. The NLA holds a Clinical Lipid Update (CLU) in the spring and fall, as well as Annual Scientific Sessions to provide comprehensive programs addressing the latest science and research in the field.




2024 Meetings Coming Soon



Members receive the Journal of Clinical Lipidology, the official peer-reviewed journal of the NLA, and the LipidSpin, the NLA’s quarterly magazine. As a member of the NLA, you now have the opportunity to submit articles for both publications!

Journal of Clinical Lipidology
The Journal of Clinical Lipidology is published to support the diverse array of medical professionals who work to reduce the incidence of morbidity and mortality from dyslipidemia and associated disorders of lipid metabolism. Members receive six issues of the Journal of Clinical Lipidology annually and have access to read previous issues online.

The LipidSpin, the NLA's quarterly magazine, features a variety of content randing from case studies to editorial pieces and member spotlights. Members are encouraged to submit articles for the LipidSpin.


The NLA offers an array of educational programs tailored to healthcare professionals at all stages of their careers. Educational offerings are developed in a variety of formats for your convenience and include live courses, print materials, and online activities. These activities have been designed to prepare professionals for the certification requirements established by the American Board of Clinical Lipidology (ABCL) and the Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology (ACCL).


Mark your Calendars for these Live Courses:



The Practice Management Council is constantly developing tools and resources to assist our members with providing the best and most up to date patient centered care in the field of lipid management. Below are a few helpful resources:


Joining a committee is an excellent way to become involved in the association and meet other members. Each division is broken down into different Councils, managed by the Board of Directors. Under each Council are multiple committees focused on different interests and tasks.

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