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An association's members are it's first and greatest ambassadors. You probably know a lot of folks who might benefit from NLA Membership, whether it's the camaradierie of our scientific meetings, great discounts on our educational programs, our top-tier journal or any of our other great member benefits. Or maybe just that we are the only medical association dedicated to the art and science of clinical lipidology.

We hope you're reaching out to your colleagues and professional contacts; and we want to make it easier. Use the form below to request free NLA membershhip brochures. Share them with your staff or take them to meetings where you are likely to encounter other interested professionals. We'll ship them out to your home or office or meeting destination.

Please allow 5 to 7 days for delivery.


Please supply at least your first and last name
Please supply your email address, in case we have any questions about your request.
Please tell us where to send the brochures
Please tell us how many brochures you need.
Please let us know how quickly you need them.

by Dr. Radut.