Women In Lipidology Section

Welcome to the Women in Lipidology Members Section of the National Lipid Association

If you are a woman practicing in the field of lipidology, whatever your discipline, the WiL section is for you. The WiL section is a place for you to connect with professional women of all backgrounds and to discuss issues that are important to you. Whether you are an advanced practice registered nurse, registered nurse, nurse practitioner, registered dietitian nutritionist, pharmacist, physician, or physician assistant, the WiL section has something for every woman. We welcome you to network, share your ideas, develop your leadership skills, become a mentor, find a mentor, and discover ways you can become more involved in the NLA.

Some of the opportunities we are currently working on to promote the involvement of women in the NLA are:

  • Networking receptions at NLA conferences to promote mentoring and collegiality among our women members. Go to WiL Events

  • Identifying women who have expertise in their discipline to present at the NLA conferences.

  • Encouraging women practicing in lipidology to write articles for the LipidSpin when their regional chapter oversees publishing an issue.

We encourage you to join us at the WiL section networking events and to share your ideas with regard to how we can best support you. The WiL section welcomes all women to come together and show support for one another as we advocate for the interests of women members of the NLA, and show future health care providers that the NLA cares about its female membership.


Anne C. Goldberg, MD, FNLA
Carol Kirkpatrick, PhD, MPH, RDN, CLS, FNLA
Roda Plakogiannis, PharmD, CLS, FNLA
Joyce L. Ross, MSN, CRNP, CLS, FNLA

Co-Chairs, NLA Women in Lipidology section

Women In Lipidology Events

There are no scheduled Women In Lipidology Workgroup events at this time, please check back later for updates.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Women in Lipidology section of the National Lipid Association is to promote and support the involvement of women in the NLA. To achieve this mission, we will:

  1. Enhance the careers of women in the field of lipidology through leadership development, focused mentoring, and networking opportunities.
  2. Promote leadership opportunities for women within the NLA and encourage colleagues to participate in these leadership roles.
  3. Increase the number and influence of women in the field of lipidology as key opinion leaders.
  4. Foster a spirit of collegiality and mutual helpfulness among members of the NLA.
  5. Monitor trends to identify and address emerging professional issues affecting women in lipidology.

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