NYS- Empire Clinical Research Investigator Program (ECRIP)

Transgender Health – Endocrine and Cardiovascular Disease


The Lenox Hill Transgender Program and Drs. Leonid Poretsky, Dr. Natalie Cusano and Dr. Eugenia Gianos have been awarded a NYS grant to research health in the transgender population seen at their clinic. Two research fellowship positions are available (each for 1-2 years) to direct these programs and gain an expertise in the various aspects of clinical research.

Endocrine Research Fellow

  • The chief of the division (Dr. Leonid Poretsky) and Director of the Bone Metabolism Program (Dr. Natalie Cusano) will be mentoring the research fellow. The fellow will have access to didactic sessions from the Division of Endocrinology covering a broad range of topics, as well as more specialized instruction in transgender and bone health, including lab techniques, interpretation of bone turnover marker testing and reading bone density studies. The fellow will also gain clinical exposure by working with physicians in our practice.

Preventive Cardiology Research Fellow

  • Since the program director for the preventive cardiology fellowship (Dr. Eugenia Gianos) will be mentoring the research fellow, there will be an opportunity to take advantage of the didactics of the preventive cardiology program. The fellow will have access to preventive cardiology conferences and lecture series, as well as the chance to obtain certification in more specialized areas, such as lipidology and hypertension. In addition to research opportunities, the fellow will gain clinical exposure through direct patient care for up to one half day in the preventive cardiology center. The cardiovascular fellow will learn various lab techniques, measurement of body composition, and use of noninvasive techniques for cardiac risk assessment.

Development of a transgender patient registry.

  • Both the endocrine and cardiovascular fellow will learn the principles of developing a population-based health registry, collaborating with outside centers on multidisciplinary research projects and establishing an infrastructure for referral of patients in the New York Metropolitan area and New York State to our program.


ECRIP requirements include:

(1) completion of a residency in internal medicine

(2) a United States citizen, national or permanent resident of the United States and a graduate of a medical school (allopathic or osteopathic) in New York State (NYS), a resident or graduate of a residency training program sponsored by an institution in NYS or currently reside in NYS

(3) commit to a full time position

(4) demonstrate a commitment to pursuing a career in clinical research.


All the research fellows will attend didactic seminars in statistical analysis, research ethics, research design and methods, results interpretation, and manuscript and grant writing at the Feinstein Institute of Medical Research at Northwell Health. Fellows will make use of the multidisciplinary resources available at the Hofstra Northwell School of Medicine, Hofstra University’s School of Public Health, and the Elmezzi Graduate School for Molecular Medicine. Selected coursework may be identified for fellows who require additional formal research training. Selected coursework at the Elmezzi Graduate School for Molecular Medicine may include Advanced Immunology, Biostatistics, Bioinformatics and Study Design, Ethics and Responsible Conduct of Research, Molecular Biology of the Cell and Molecular Genetics and Genomics, and Grant Writing.

The research fellows will take online courses required for human subject research, be able to attend approximately 40 lectures in either the endocrine or cardiology divisions. A statistics course will be organized and conducted using the resources of the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research. A grant writing course will be hosted by the Feinstein Institute for Medical Research with the goals of gaining the fundamental rules for designing and conducting of clinical research projects, data analysis and manuscript preparation. Each fellow will work toward a first author manuscript and presentation at a national meeting.


Applicants should submit a copy of their CV, a personal statement and 3 letters of recommendation by email or faxed to: Alexandra Ozcelik- phone- 212 434-2170, fax- 212 434-2111,

Wednesday, October 9, 2019 to Wednesday, December 4, 2019

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