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Program Proposal Submission Form

Please Note: The Scientific Meetings Committee reserves the right to adjust proposals as necessary to fit the needs of the NLA's Education Needs Assessment. The committee also requests that proposed sessions take into consideration the diversity of the National Lipid Association membership.

Contact Information
Proposal Details
Primary Contact (if different from above)
Professional Practice Gap(s) and Educational Need(s):

A. What problems are you trying to solve? What are learners doing that they should NOT be doing; or conversely, not doing that they SHOULD be doing? Please briefly describe below:

B. In general terms, what education is needed to close this gap?

i.e., each objective should include a verb that describes an action by the learner (not what the teacher will teach)
Proposed Volunteers/ Speaker
If you do not know of a speaker please fill in Allison Fellers so that the committee can address possible speaker recommendations.
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by Dr. Radut.