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The Triglyceride Activity Center features activities and resources to strengthen your knowledge of triglyceride lowering, EPA and DHA, clinical trials and their implications for your patients, and patient-centered cardiovascular risk assessment.

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The Evolving Landscape of Triglyceride Lowering and Cardiovascular Outcomes:

Clinical Pearls and Patient Application

This 2-hour accredited program will feature expert discussions on the differences between EPA, DHA, and supplements, findings from recent cardiovascular outcomes trials including REDUCE-IT, and a patient case "workshop".

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Everything you Need to Know about Eicosapentaenoic Acid:

Its Effects on HDL Functionality and Plaque, Pleiotropic Effects and the Clinical Utility of the EPA/AA Ratio

Join us for this exciting CME/CE activity as our expert faculty discuss the effects on EPA and provide insights into the future of cardiovascular risk reduction in patients with residual risk for atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease in light of the release of the REDUCE-IT trial results.

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Triglyceride Lowering and Cardiovascular Outcomes:

Answers from the Experts

The National Lipid Association has created an interactive educational guide to assist clinicians in the management of residual cardiovascular risk with triglyceride-lowering therapies in their high-risk patients. View today to learn more about clinical trials studying the efficacy of EPA and DHA, meet a virtual patient named Catherine and workshop her case to lower her risk for a cardiovascular event, and participate in polling questions to see how your viewpoints compare to those of your peers.

These educational resources have been supported by funding from Amarin Pharma, Inc.

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Patient Education Resources

Looking for educational information and materials to share with your patients? Visit the Foundation of the NLA's Triglyceride Education Center at

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