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NLA Dues Payment

Welcome to the NLA dues payment system. Please review the options below and complete everything that applies to your NLA membership.

If you are an NLA-SAP customer, you can still access your purchase, even if your dues are delinquent. Click Here.

Dues Payment

Thank you for keeping your NLA Membership current. Your dues are already paid for the year; but you can pay ahead or make a donation to the Foundation of National Lipid Association.

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Record Editing

While you are here, please take a moment to update your NLA Website Profile and Membership Record. Keeping this information helps us serve your better as a member, allows colleagues to find and engage you in interesting website discussions and insures you are easily and accurately found in our Physician/Member Finder services.

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Core Curriculum

The expansive NLA Core Curriculum includes everything that has anything to do with Clinical Lipidology. By sharing information about your interests and expertise in these areas, you help us recommend content for you, tailor our publications to your needs and each out to expert faculty or authors on in-demand topics.

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NLA Member Survey

The 2013 NLA member Survey is your chance to tell us your specific feelings about the many ways the NLA touches your professional life. This is your opportunity to help shape the future direction of the National Lipid Association through valuable feedback on our publications, meetings, educational offerings and other aspects of your NLA membership.

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