Policy Paper

Jul, 2015

The NLA Executive Committee and distinguished guests met in Orlando, Florida on January 21-22, 2017 to discuss the current status of NLA core and non-core programming, trends, products, enhancements to current programming, and future concepts. The Executive Committee reaffirmed the mission and goals of the organization, and developed the attached strategic goals.

The 2017 strategic plan, which was adopted by the NLA Board of Directors on March 7, 2017, is attached for presentation to the membership.

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Jul, 2008

The National Lipid Association ("NLA") plays an important role in reaching out to healthcare professionals, patients, and other groups. Our members guide research, discover new therapies, and engage in high quality medical practice.

The NLA offers educational opportunities that help translate scientific and medical progress into the efficient delivery of effective medical care, develops resources that guide our members in advancing medical care, and provides a forum for presenting new skills and scientific developments.

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