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NLA recognizes AMA's approval of measure to label obesity as a disease

The National Lipid Association recognizes the American Medical Association's approval of a measure to label obesity a disease, which passed during the Annual Meeting of the AMA House of Delegates in Chicago Tuesday, June 18.

According to the AMA, Resolution 420 asks that the AMA recognize obesity as a disease state with multiple pathophysiological aspects requiring a range of interventions to advance obesity treatment and prevention.

The AMA considered Public Health Report 3 which examines the definitions of obesity and disease, the limitations of those definitions, and arguments both for and against the classification as obesity as a disease. The full resolution, RESOLUTION 420 - RECOGNITION OF OBESITY AS A DISEASE is available in the annotated committee report, the AMA’s preliminary report of actions taken by the House of Delegates.

This comes on the heels of the release of the NLA’s adiposity consensus statement, representing the most comprehensive review yet published on the impact of disturbances in calorie balance on lipid and cholesterol levels. To read the full paper click here.

The NLA’s “triple S” (Specialty Society Section) Delegate is Michael H.  Davidson, MD, FACC, FNLA. NLA staff members Ryan Essegian, Esq. and Lindsey Mitcham attended the AMA’s Annual Meeting and the Reference Committee D meeting where Resolution 420 was discussed for more than two hours. Notable arguments during the committee meeting included provider reimbursement, public policy, and patient stigma.

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Publish Date: 
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 - 12:00

by Dr. Radut.