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The National Lipid Association (NLA) is seeking nominations for the Chief Science Officer (CSO) position for the 2020-2023 term, beginning at the 2020 NLA annual Scientific Sessions and ending at the conclusion of the 2023 annual Scientific Sessions. The nomination requirements, position overview, qualifications, term, process and timeline can be found in the summary below.

Once a candidate is nominated, they will receive notification of their first nomination. Should they choose to accept that first nomination, they will be asked to secure the second nomination as well as submit the required nomination package.

Nomination Requirement

The CSO must be nominated by two (2) NLA members, at least one (1) of whom must be a member of the NLA Board of Directors.

Nomination Package

A CSO nominee must submit a nomination package, which includes:

  1. CV/Resume,
  2. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation,
  3. Letter of Interest, and
  4. Completed COI.

Nomination packages must be received by November 1 of the year prior to the CSO election. An incumbent CSO running for a second terms is only required to submit a letter of interest, although a complete nomination package may be received and reviewed.

CSO Position Overview

The CSO is expected to be highly visible and actively participate toward meeting the goals of the National Lipid Association (“NLA”). The CSO will assist in the development and validation of medical policy, education materials and when necessary, communication of medical issues in the public and private sector. The CSO will monitor developments in science, research and clinical trials, while supporting the overall mission of the organization internally and externally as an advocate of the NLA when appropriate. The CSO will take direction from the President of the NLA and work closely with the NLA Executive Director, the Foundation of the NLA, Chairpersons of the NLA Councils and respective NLA staff to accomplish the goals of this position.

The CSO will work closely with the staff and monitor communications in order to bridge gaps in knowledge, and provide insight to the applicability of policy, programs, communication, and education offerings based on the needs of the clinician and the patient as appropriate. (This may be balanced over the course of the year during periods of heavier involvement.) The CSO will also lead and manage the first drafts of clinical based policy statements, review and edit education and program content, and assist in clinical writing exercises, or serve as faculty/moderator at the NLA events in support of activities involving the CSO position when necessary. The CSO shall not be engaged in fundraising on behalf of the organization.

The CSO will report to NLA President (or the President’s designee) with the input of the Executive Committee and Executive Director regarding assignments/activities pursuant to this position. The CSO is is a compensated consultant to the NLA, subject to the terms and conditions of the CSO agreement.

The CSO is open to any NLA member meeting the following criteria:


  • A Doctorate level clinician with certification by either the American Board of Clinical Lipidology or Accreditation Council for Clinical Lipidology.
  • Demonstrated experience in matters related to policy, education, or public relations/media, and strong communication skills.
  • Highly accessible, with the ability to dedicate time and travel in connection with NLA priorities and assignments.
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office Suite and well versed in most technology applications used in an office or mobile environment.
  • Extremely strong results driven personality, enthusiasm, energy, and confidence.
  • High degree of interest in developing consensus through diplomacy.
  • Past-President/high level service demonstrated to NLA is preferred.

Other Requirements

  • Reports to Executive Committee and regarding assignments/activities pursuant to the position.
  • Liaison to the Council Chairpersons or other committees or groups within the organization.
  • Supports key advocacy efforts of the organization.
  • Collaborates and educates staff to support the accomplishment of the initiatives of the organization.
  • The CSO should attend applicable NLA meetings, which includes:  NLA Board of Directors meetings, annual meetings, Clinical Lipid Updates, Executive Committee meetings, strategic planning meetings, and key Council meetings.
  • Travel, as necessary, to support the CSO position.


The CSO term is three (3) years, subject to an annual review by the NLA Executive Committee and Executive Director.

Executive Committee Review & Recommendation

The NLA Executive Committee shall review the CSO nominees and present its top recommendations to the NLA Board of Directors for vote during the first quarterly NLA Board of Directors meeting of the year of the CSO election.

Board of Directors CSO Vote

The NLA Board of Directors will vote on the CSO Elect. This election shall occur during the first quarterly NLA Board of Directors meeting of the year of the CSO election. The CSO Elect will work with the current CSO in transitioning roles for a formal transfer of duties at the NLA Annual Meeting. After the NLA Annual Meeting the CSO Elect will start the new term as CSO. 

CSO Selection Timeline



November 1

Nominations deadline

November 30

Nomination packages are received from nominees


NLA Executive Committee reviews all candidate submissions and interviews prospective CSO candidates


Executive Committee provides recommendation to NLA Board of Directors


NLA Board of Directors votes to select CSO Elect


CSO Elect and CSO Training and Transition Period


CSO Elect becomes new CSO at Annual Meeting


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