Member Stories: Wayne True, MD

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November 1, 2013 - 12:00pm

I am a busy family physician in La Mesa, CA, near San Diego. I became interested in cardiovascular risk reduction many years ago as advanced lipid panels became available. I wanted to understand what to do with the results, and became aware of the education efforts of the National Lipid Association. I went to my first NLA education meeting in 2006, appreciating  the mix of different specialists in primary care, cardiology, endocrinology-- providing the education.  I passed the American Board of Clinical Lipidology board exam in 2009 and have enjoyed being a resource for my colleagues in San Diego.  The NLA has upped my practice skills considerably, with great education resources in the form of journal publications, online content, and meetings. Membership in the NLA is the best value compared to all my other professional organizations. I will be a life-long member!  

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